When is the NFL draft in 2022?

If you’re looking for a good time to start your NFL draft preparations, it’s never too early. The NFL draft is in late April, and the league is planning to move it back along with the Super Bowl in 2022.

What is the NFL Draft?

The NFL Draft is an annual event in the United States that determines the National Football League (NFL) team rosters for the upcoming season. It is also when NFL teams select college football players.

The draft is held in April of each year. The NFL has two rounds of drafts, with the first round occurring on April 26th and the second on May 2nd. Teams are allowed to trade their picks during the draft, and they can also forfeit their picks.

The NFL Draft has been held every year since 1966. The only exception was 1994, when there was a strike in the football league that prevented teams from negotiating contracts.

When does the NFL Draft Typically Happen?

The NFL Draft is an annual event in the first week of May. The draft is a series of events allowing NFL teams to select new college football colleges.

The first round of the NFL Draft usually takes place on Thursday, May 8th. This is followed by rounds 2-7 on Friday, May 9th, and rounds 8-10 on Saturday, May 10th. The order of the draft is based on the team’s finish in the previous season.

Some players considered top prospects might not be eligible for selection in the draft because they have already signed with a team as an undrafted free agent. These players can join a team as free agents after the draft.

The Team and Player Drafts

The National Football League (NFL) drafts are a time of excitement and anticipation for NFL fans. This year’s NFL Draft is scheduled for Thursday, April 27th. This event is called the “Team and Player Drafts” because it is the time when teams select new players to join their groups.

First, all 32 teams will hold a “Team Draft,” where they will select players from colleges across the United States. These players will then be placed on their team’s roster. The selection order in this draft is based on how well the team did in the previous season.

Next, the “Player Draft” happens later that same day. This draft is also based on how well the team did in the previous season, but it focuses on players who are already eligible to play in the NFL. Teams can only select players from schools in the United States and Canada. Once again, the selection order in this draft is based on how well the team did in the previous season.

After these two drafts, each team has 23 players on its roster.

Player Selection Process

The NFL Draft is one of the year’s biggest days for any sports fan. On draft day, teams can select new players to help them succeed in their respective sports. The player selection process begins months in advance with scouting reports and interviews. Groups then assemble their draft board, which consists of players they believe have the potential to be successful in the NFL.

On draft day, teams make their selections by selecting players in reverse order of the previous season’s standings. This allows teams to take the best player available, regardless of whether or not they are currently playing well. Some players who are not drafted but later sign with an NFL team is known as “draft-day trades.”


The NFL Draft is coming up soon, and with it comes a lot of speculation about who will be selected by the teams. As always, stay tuned to our website for all the latest news and updates on when and where the draft will take place.

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